Compare Us To the National Average

At think Driving school we keep a very close eye on the quality of our instructors.

All Instructors attend training sessions, to keep upto date with the very latest training techniques.

We also keep a record of there Success rates, and publish them here so you are able to compare us to other schools.

Every 3 months we gather our instuctors pass rate,

The national average pass rate for England in 2015/16 was 47.0%


Compare That to Think Driving School

2011 = 63.5% Passed First Time & 68.5% of all tests passed

2012 = 64.5% Passed First Time & 66.75% of all tests passed

2013 = 67% Passed First Time & 65.75% of all tests passed

2014 = 62.5% Passed First Time & 66.5% of all tests passed

2015 = 64.25% Passed First Time & 67.5% of all tests passed