Dealing With Test Nerves


Nerves affect even the most confident people. Below are some really helpful tips and advice on how to reduce those test nerves, so you have the best chance of passing First Time!


Most importantly, have confidence and believe in yourself

Its essential that you are feeling confident when you put yourself in for the driving test. Your instructor won't have let you book it if they thought that you could not pass. So believe in yourself and your ability, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!


Practise makes perfect!

Think silver driving school car for driving lessons

Make sure you do lots of practice of all parts of driving from manoeuvres to all the driving routines that you have been taught. the last thing you want is to start your test and be asked to do something you did not practice much off, if you feel you need to improve in a certain area ask you instructor to work on it with you. Self evaluation is good as it helps you believe in yourself more as you continue to improve your driving skills.

If your instructor is unable to take you for a mock test ask them if another think instructor can.


Herbal remedies

Certain herbal remedies such as Kalms or Rescue Remedy can be helpful for some people. Make sure that you read the label thoroughly and remember that you will need to start taking these a couple of weeks before your test.


Help and support

Ensure that you have your instructors support, tell them if you feel you have week points and you can work on them together. Often friends and family can help, if you talk to them about your nerves and anxieties, they may be able to talk them through with you and offer you advice from their experiences.

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Simple breathing exercises can help to sooth any nerves that may be appearing. Just breath deeply while concentrating on the in and out of each breath. This can be a very helpful.



Lots of teachers recommend eating a banana before taking tests. They are full of vitamin B which will help to calm your test nerves. The main reason for this is that they contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’.



It’s recommended that you arrive at the test centre about 10 minutes before your test. However, sitting in the waiting room before your test begins is often where most people begin to feel the real nerves kick in. Take along something to read to help distract your attention or why not try the breathing exercises to help keep you calm.


Pretend you’re on a driving lesson

If the idea of sitting your driving test sends you to jelly, try to think of it as an ordinary driving lesson, but you’ve simply got a replacement instructor in the car. So long as you remember everything that you have been taught and you drive to a high enough standard, you will pass!


Hints and Tips from other learner drivers

Here are some hints and tips from other learner drivers about how they overcame driving test nerves:

  • Think of all the good times that you’re going to have when you pass your test
  • Imagine that you’re a taxi driver and you’re taking someone home and have to follow their directions.
  • Chill out with friends before your test to help relax
  • Chewing on chewing gum
  • Bach’s rescue remedy
  • Have a positive attitude – “I will try my best but if I fail then at least I’ve tried”
  • Don’t have a big meal before your test – it will make you feel sluggish and tired
  • Ask your instructor to sit in on your test – a familiar face in the car can make you feel more at ease
  • Don’t tell everybody when your test is!
  • Eat a bowl of porridge before your test
  • Listen to music before your test

If you’ve found a great way to deal with or overcome test nerves, why not let us know via Email Who knows you could be helping thousands of other learner drivers beat their test nerves too!

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