Pass plus post test training

Think silver driving school car for driving lessons

Well done on passing your driving test!

Now that you have passed, think driving school recommends you take the DSA pass plus course.

It will teach you how to use motorways, country lanes, sat navs and many other things which either we are unable to teach whilst you were a learner or did not cover much, maybe because you lived a long way from some of things you needed to learn.

Pass plus will make you more confident at the things you do now and also at those busy motorways.

The course is a minium of 6 hours of driving lessons, there is no test, just you and your instructor assessing your progress as you go along. At the end you will get an certificate from the DSA confirming you have completed the course.

So why take the course?

You will become a more confident driver

You will learn how to reduce your fuel bill
(through being a better driver)

You could save money on your insurance
(with some insurance companies on completion)

Through being a better driver you will also have better vehicle sympathy
(which in turn saves you money on maintenance)


The 6 hour course costs between £180 & £200 depending on your location
Well worth every penny, which you will save in no time through being a safer driver.

To book your pass plus course either contact the think instructor that taught you
or call 0800 6123 566 or email